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Where to Invest in Nigeria.



Nigeria as a country has lots of business opportunities. There are a lot of businesses such as hotel, real estate, transportation, car importation, exportation of agricultural produce such as groundnut, red oil,  tomato, yam and others that move well in the country. However, the investment opportunities in Nigeria differs from one city to another. Some cities have better business opportunities than others. If you want to do business in Nigeria, it is advisable that you establish your business in states and cities that have better employment opportunities. Below are some of the states and cities with better opportunities to invest in Nigeria.


Lagos is the most popular state and city in Nigeria. It is the economic and commercial seat of Nigeria. Virtually, all the multinational, international organizations and embassies have their headquarters in Lagos. It has the largest sea port in Nigeria. It is highly populous and thus, there is market for any business. It is normally said that no matter the type of business you are into in Lagos, you will find people that will patronize you. You can invest in anything including real estate, importation of goods, hotel, restaurants, bar, transportation, car importation, spare parts business and any other business you can think of in Nigeria.


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. As the capital city of the country, government agencies and ministries are homed in the city. There are also headquarters of some multinationals in Abuja. Embassies are also available in the city. Though, the city is not as popular as Lagos, but it has good investment opportunities especially in real estate sector. Construction, transportation, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, boutique and supermarkets, schools, corporate services and others are some of the booming businesses in the capital city of Nigeria.


Onitsha is typically a commercial city in Anambra. The city’s Main Market is one of the biggest market in West Africa. If you can do whole and retail businesses, then you should consider investing in Onitsha. Electronics, clothes, shoes and selling of other merchandise are some of the booming businesses in the city. In the recent times, the city is becoming industrialized. A number of industries have been established. If you have the money to go into production, you can establish your business in the city.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the capital city of Rivers State one of the major oil producing states in Nigeria. The city is not just the capital city of the state but also its economic and commercial centre. There are lots of oil companies and oil servicing companies. If you have the capital, you can establish an oil company or oil servicing company in the city. Many employees of the oil firms live in this city since most of them have their head office there. They are well paid and ready to spend their money on things they need. Given this, supermarket, departmental stores, boutiques, hotels, eateries, restaurants, bars and clubs are some of the booming businesses in the city. Schools of various levels are available in the city. If you have the money to invest in school business, you will make lots of money from it.


Aba is one of the cities in Nigeria with lots of business opportunities. Its major market called Ariaria Market is one of the major markets in Nigeria. Most wholesale and retail businessmen in Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, Owerri and Calabar come to Aba to buy their goods. The city is popular for shoemaking, sewing of quality shirts and upholstery. Any business you establish in Aba will surely do well given that the city and Onitsha are the major commercial cities in eastern parts of Nigeria.


Owerri is the capital of Imo State which is a state in eastern part of Nigeria. The city is not a commercial city. So, wholesale and retail businesses will not do well in Owerri. But across the country, it is known for hotel, restaurants, bar and club businesses. In fact, most wealthy people come to Owerri during the weekend to have fun. If you have the money to build a world class hotel in the city, you will definitely rake in cash.

Other cities and states in Nigeria that are beginning to attract investors are Enugu, Calabar, Ogun, Eket, Ogun State, Nnewi and many others.