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Division: The Last Straw That Threatens To Break The Rugged Camel’s Back



“Adversity is a crossroads that presents you with one of two paths; character or compromise”, said Dr. John Maxwell.

Nigeria, as a sovereign entity has continuously faced adversities; in some of the adversities, she has stood up to be stronger, others, she let herself go to sleep and drool instead of coining solutions, but in light of these current adversities we face as a nation, more and much more need to be done.

The quality of our character as a nation has come under the spotlight with the recent travails we face as a nation. The belligerence is at an all-time high and sadly, at this very sensitive point and period, the unity is so low.  The times are hard as felt in every part of the world, the once massive economies are now a shadow of themselves, there has been a generational slash in the global importance of some nation’s economies, except for a very powerfully organised few. An organised few we all know so well.

Today, we stand as one of the strongest units of the world based on the number of foreign investors we have, our bilateral links with other nations and even education, education?  Our importance to the world can’t be undermined but our importance to us, undervalued. Nigeria behind the U.S.A and India only, have the highest number of students studying outside their country in the world. A pointer to our large population base and cerebral ingeniousness if measured by some quarters but down home and being candid, it tells of how badly things have gone in recent years.

Education as said by Kofi Annan is a bridge between misery and hope. A privilege of living a more privileged life but that same education has been treated with flaky wrists and has a sector that has continuously dwindled, thereby losing a fortune yearly in the process. It would be rather shocking to know that Nigerian students spend about $1bn on Universities in countries like Ghana annually, a figure that rather highlights the debacles we face in that sector in Nigeria. Education is broader than the context here, another piece will suit it best!  In the face of national challenges, unity has been one sole attribute that has kept us going and where it threatened to ruin our togetherness, we went to war, and a war we still fight against extremism and sentimentalism till today.

Through the years, Nigeria has been a nation of peace and tranquillity, it will be highly appreciated to know that Nigeria, amongst 11 other African countries or thereabout that gained independence in 1960 has arguably fared well the most; Chad, Niger, Cameroon being other examples of those countries. The avalanche of human and natural resources is definitely a strength to the nation but are qualities, valuable qualities we’ve only flattered to make count in these past years, no thanks to corruption and a continuous division of opinions on national issues.

Division on national issues has been really annihilating to the Nigerian progression, giving us a convincingly confused standpoint on the matters at hand in the nation. Rather than we standing up together in the face of ominous challenges, we went to sleep thinking our material blessings will be enough, these material blessings, the main reason behind our internal bleedings.

As we collectively march into a defining moment in the history of the country, there should be a more collective fight against insecurity and blames should stop being traded. Our biggest problem in the last six years, Boko Haram  has appreciated the unity of Nigeria better than us, the non-psychotic nationals, hurting people irrespective of their tribal, religious or ethnic standpoints; apologies to my use of words.  They’ve left nobody out in this share of terror, why then do we have to quiver and flail in these very innocuous times? Nigeria and her future surely deserves better. Our prescience on independence can be tagged wrong at this point as we’ve not made the grades expected of us as a nation and not living the lives expected of us as a people.