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Nigeria is not broke



People will naturally and instinctively evaluate and judge you by your words, action and deed within a specific period of time of engagement. It baffles not a few Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari keeps telling all who cares to listen that Nigeria is broke; there is no money to pay the civil servants; there is no money to pay all the ministers and that there is no money to complete ongoing projects; there is no money to embark upon new socio-infrastructural developmental projects; and there is no money for feeding primary school pupils as promised etc.

It is an indisputable fact that the global price of crude oil has sadly dropped downward. But, Nigeria, like other nations, still sells crude oil, and makes money from other sources like internally generated revenue, taxes, custom duties and several other ways.

This administration should venture into other ingenious and legitimate means of making money for development. Except otherwise proved beyond doubt, Nigeria is rich in all facets of human development. Simple calculations of over two million barrels of oil per day times $50 times one month is something very substantial.

Therefore, Nigerians must not be deceived under any illusive guise of “there is no money”. Though there could be precarious financial difficulties faced by the government, which has been the case since independence, the government must be transparent in its dealings with the citizens. The citizens must be loyal and patriotic at all times.