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Senator Lidani: EU Ban Should Not Come As A Surprise.

Valentine Chinyem



Senator Joshua Lidani has reacted to the European Union‘s restriction of Nigeria from exporting palm oil, sesame seeds, dried fish, beans, melon seeds, peanut chips and meat to its member countries on Monday August 10, 2015 by saying that the banned food items contain dichlorvos pesticide which is dangerous to human health.

Senator Lidani made the revelation during an interview session with newsmen in Abuja and while speaking about the ban, he said,“The EU ban should not have come as a surprise to us because they have very rigorous standards of checking food import especially with the shift towards organic foods. Unfortunately we do not have similar standards here in Nigeria especially as it affects the food we consume. We do not standard of determining whether the foods we consume are noxious; whether they have chemicals that are harmful. NAFDAC and Standards Organization of Nigeria are supposed to regulate but there is a limit to what they can do”.

Before placing the ban on Nigeria, the EU warned Nigeria about the inherent danger the banned foods possessed and served 50 notifications about the danger to exporters of Nigerian beans since 2013. The food items have been placed on ban across Europe till June 2016.