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Are you a video producer or film maker based in Nigeria ?

Can you produce video tutorials and how to ?

Can you produce Nigerian Video documentaries, funny and viral video clips ?

Can you capture exciting and funny moments with your phone video camera ?

Will you like to  submit your videos to feature on our website ?

Please contact us : or or submit your videos here

Types of Videos we need 
News and Events
Capture the News and events as they happen in Nigeria, send us the videos.

Movies and Live shows
Your movies and movie clips , live shows and video talks

Video animations

Captivating, funny and educative animations

Homilies and Gospels
Are you a priest, pastor or motivational speaker, send us your videos

Music videos
Are you a professional or upcoming artist, send us your own music videos

Interview the CEOs, directors, businesses, and people on the street

Skills and Crafts
Do you have special talents, skills and ideas you think will make people go wow, send them to us

Send us documentaries of people and cultures, events and places from the villages to the top cities of Nigeria

Funny Animal views
The dogs, cats, goats, caws, turkeys, horses, squirrels, farms and Zoos in Nigeria that can make you laugh and learn

Let’s play videos
Send us videos of your Games, competitions, and quiz, something educative, exciting and funny

How to and tutorials
Show people how to do things they don’t know how to do in Nigeria

Consumer buying advice
Teach people how to save money in Nigeria, Show people how to shop safely on different Nigeria websites and other websites valuable to Nigerians.

Celebrity and Entertainment videos
Interviews and documentaries on Nigerian celebrities and entertainment, funny movie clips

Lifestyle/fitness and self-help videos
Show people how to stay fit and healthy in Nigeria

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We will use the videos or post them on our website and other social media.

We can accept or reject any videos.

We will pay for the videos if we accept them, we will only accept the videos we like, if we accept your videos we will  post them on our website and we will pay for them. If we did not accept your videos, we will not publish them.


Get Paid for your video

If we accept your video, we will pay for them, we will not publish your videos if they are not accepted.

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