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Three Nigerian Startups Teamed Up with Paga to Launch Online Storefront Small E-commerce



Paga has collaborated with three other local Nigerian Startups, namely, ACE, Cousant and Anozim owned by Onyeka Akumah, the former marketing executive of Konga in launching an online storefront called Shoppey. The online storefront which made for e-commerce companies is a ready-made catalog of customizable digital storefront.

According to the spokesperson of the company, Shoppey is all about the outlook for startup businesses. The online storefront according to the source will help startups to build their brand through differentiation.

Explaining the difference between Shoppey and Konga, the source said that unlike Konga, Shoppey charged no fee for any transaction carried out. The merchant goes home with all the money the business makes through the online storefront.

Shoppey, according to this source, keeps the site running and provides other services such as support services by charging a nominal support fee. The pricing according to him is competitive considering the cost of building a website today.

The company promised to continually provide quality services to their clients event after the launch of the online storefront.