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Science Apps for Secondary and University Students in Africa.



African countries like South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria have many students and many universities. Science Apps that could make the sciences and technology courses more practical and easy to understand will sell very well. Students can use them to save their works, prepare for exams and make good grades. This science application can help students in their chemistry, biology, anatomy subjects since they are supposed to be simple and easy to understand. Most students find most of the science subject difficult to understand and therefore these apps simplify the subjects or relay them in a way that is simple enough for the students to understand and thus enjoy learning.

The science apps will have a few requirements that they should meet in order for them to be effective. The app should have photograph illustrations for easier reference. For example in chemistry, The Elements: A visual Exploration is a common app on the iPad that is used around the world. The elements on this periodic table are beautifully designed, making studying it interesting for the students. An app like that should be created and customized to be used in Africa. Another example of an app that can be replicated for use in the continent in the field of chemistry is the Molecules. With this app, students can visualize molecules of all kinds and even view hem from whichever angle they wish to. With the use of photographs, students get a clearer understanding of what they are reading from other sources like textbooks.

Another quality that a science app should have is that it should provide simple tasks and questions that the users can tackle after every topic. This ensures that the student has fully understood the topics covered if they can answer the questions correctly or complete the task. In addition, the app should be accessible when online as well as when there is no internet connection. This means that the app should be convenient for the students using it so that they can access the app whenever they wish to.

 Also, the app should provide the references. This means that they app needs to state relevant sources for where the information on the app is gotten from. This means that the information on the app should be true and one that can be used not just in Africa but also in the rest of the world. In addition, the science app should also provide other links that that students can go to research more on topics that the site may not provide very much information on.

Another requirement is that the app should be able to get feedback from the users and respond as soon as possible. Some of the feedback that the students accessing the site could write back to the developer is requesting for the developer put up more information on topics or even add topics to the app. This means that the developer of the app needs to be up to date at all times.

In conclusion, the fact that more people in Africa are now aware of the importance of education and are going to school means that Africa is a very good market for the developer wishing to create an app for science. This app will not only benefit the developer in terms of income but will also help students to improve their performance in their academics.