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Mobile Phones Recycling App for Africa.



As of 2012 Africa has been recognized as the fastest developing continent on the planet, with a high number of newbie millionaires. Currently, there are over a hundred thousand (100,000) millionaires in the continent of Africa, and it is estimated that there will be 20,000 more newbie millionaires added every three years.

Do you plan to become one of these newbie millionaires? There are so many business opportunities in Africa, and applications (apps) development is one of the profitable business opportunities. Currently, developing mobile phones Recycling App for Africa is one way to hit it big!

More and more Africans are using their phones to make more than phone calls. More and more people are using their phones to check their mails on the go, search for information on the internet and to get certain tasks done.

Note: According to the survey carried out by the Communication Commission of Kenya in September 2011, ninety nine percent of the Kenya populace access the internet via their mobile telephone and the top three usages are:  social media, email and carrying out research.

Many people in Africa are more than willing to recycle their phones – but if only there is a mobile phone Recycling App for Africa.  If you consider yourself to be a smart business entrepreneur; then this is where you come in. You can develop a mobile phone recycling app, specially designed for Africans.

Developing a Mobile Phone Recycling App for Africa

When developing a mobile phone recycling app for Africa, you will need the following pointers:

  • When it comes to doing successful business in Africa (or any other continent in the world for the matter) you should be able to convince the local government on what they hope to gain from the business you are throwing in their direction. As a quick thinking business man, you should lobby the local government of the African country (or countries) where your app will be used to collect a tax recycling the millions of the eventual abandonment of feature mobile phone in Africa.
  • The mobile phone recycling app that you develop should do more than just help people find the nearest recycling depot. It should be able to help users to also check out the recycling options for different types of phone brands. What is the point of going to recycling depot, only to be told that your phone brand/type is not on the list of “mobile phones accepted here”.
  • The Recycling App for Africa should be available to download by not just users of Androids and iPhones, but should also be available to users of different types of mobile phones. In Africa, a lot of people live on less than $5 a day and a lot of them cannot to purchase very pricey mobile phones like iPhones. Making the app downloadable with different types of phones is a big plus.
  • The app should be complete with Google map and directions.

With a top of the line mobile phone recycling app for the African market, you can count on raking in the cash.