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How to Make Modern Education Work For Ghana.



Modern Education  is the bedrock of advancement and cultural growth in any given society. When the educational foundation of a society is strong, its future is secured because its youth grow up to be learned and cultured. But on the contrary, when a society’s educational foundation is weak, then its youth, who are supposed to become its future leaders, are much disposed towards youth restiveness.

The educational sector in Ghana needs to be modernized to make it work. Let the educational authorities in Ghana understand that, for an educational system to be called modern and up to standard, the following have to be clearly present.

Good Administration.
The administration of education in Ghana is overly centralized in a bureaucratic way. Bureaucracy only tends to create administrative bottlenecks when over employed in any system. This specifically makes the furthering of the education of Ghana teachers to meet up with world advancement an almost impossible task. This now sometimes leaves the managerial efficiency of these school managers below standards. Ghana needs to remove administrative bureaucracy from its educational system. This can be done by sourcing education furthering and continuous training programs for its teachers.

Curriculum and Content.
The pace at which the world is moving is becoming faster and faster with all the technological advancement. What Ghana’s youth are being taught is of utmost importance vis-a-vis the growing technology based world society and culture. The authorities need to be on their toes all the time in finding out where the world is headed educationally. This is very necessary so that Ghana will not be left behind in a world where technological advancement is now the most popular word. New methods of teaching that employs modern technology are a very good example of this. Modern long distance learning is made possible by technology.

The Ghanaian public education system is greatly underfunded. This is evident in the low supply of teaching materials and other quality ensuring requirements like good laboratories and equipment, modern textbooks, good classes and hostels. The modern world has outgrown packed classrooms and hostels and is in the era of adequate amenities that ensure that environment for youth learning is conducive and enabling. Ghana needs to follow suit. This will ensure that the leaders that Ghana is grooming will be leaders that will carry the Ghanaian torch to lofty heights. And the whole country shall be the better for it. Let Ghanaian education authorities spend Ghanaian resources to better Ghanaian schools. This is what equal rights is all about.

If those that run the Ghanaian educational system will ensure using all that has been said then they would have contributed their own quota. They would have also done the nation a very great service. Their names would then be forever imprinted in gold as those that made the Ghanaian educational system what it is. And most importantly, they would have showed us how modern education can work for Ghana. This is a wish that is in the heart of everybody that has Ghanaian blood running through his veins.