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GOOD NEWS! Prices of Applications on Google Playstore now Displayed in Naira



Google Play is Google’s official store and portal for Android applications.

However, Google has gone a step further in introducing new features to the playstore, a develoment which many Android-powered phone users in Nigerians, will embrace.


While trying to update some applications yesterday, I noticed fees charged for paid-applications on Google Playstore, are now displayed in Naira for Nigerian users.


This is a new fete, as Nigerians can now know exactly what an application will cost them in Naira if they proceed to download paid apps, as to when many users were reluctant to purchase applications, which were usually sold in US Dollars.


More so, this innovation is expected to allay fear in Nigerians, who may have been reluctant to download paid applications in the past, over fear of exchange rate and lack of trust for app developers.