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8 apps for Couples who are planning to conceive

There is no longer an excuse to forget the date of your ultrasound or to know what foods are best for you and your baby thanks to the apps on your smartphone.



There is no longer an excuse to forget the date of your ultrasound or to know what foods are best for you and your baby thanks to the apps on your smartphone. Here you have the best applications for pregnant women like Safe period for pregnancy calculator. Control the weight gain, calculate the date of delivery, check the progress of the baby or record medical appointments are some of the utilities that future moms can find in the numerous apps for smartphones and tablets designed exclusively for use during the period of pregnancy.


1.       Diary of a pregnancy


Although at first, you think that nine months of pregnancy is a long time, but these days fly away soon. Therefore, a good way to live the process day by day and enjoy it to the fullest can be to do it through an application such as Progress of Pregnancy. With it you can keep track of your medical checks, your baby’s kicks, ask questions or make a diary with photos and the most special moments of this process.


2.       Calculate when it will be born



My pregnancy and my baby day by day is an application offered by Baby center very similar to the previous one, but exclusively for Android terminals. Simply enter the estimated date of delivery to give you all the necessary information about your pregnancy. You can also include photos, ultrasounds, review your nutrition guide and even learn to practice yoga for pregnant women. This application also offers tips to take care of your baby until the year of age, with explanatory videos about breastfeeding, diaper changing and much more.


3.       What name do we give it?


Without a doubt, it is one of the first questions that future parents ask themselves. Until recently, you searched the Internet, now you have applications with lists of names that even indicate the most popular according to the region. This is the case of Baby Names, an app that has more than 50,000 boy and girl names, divided by origin, with an explanation of their meanings and popularity ranking.


4.       One-click medical consultations


One of the main concerns of pregnant women is what medications they can and cannot take. If this is your case, don’t worry because EmbaMed is at your disposal. It is an iPhone and iPad application that informs you about the active substances and medications that are not harmful to you or your baby. Although of course, the best is always that your doctor’s criteria prevail.


5.       Pregnancy Foods Guide  – Can I eat everything?


Along with the medication, it is another of the existential doubts of pregnant women. If you want to know what foods are most beneficial to your baby, download the Food in pregnancy application. It is free and compatible only for Android. For those future moms who want to control their diet from an iPhone or an Ipad, or also from Android, the Pregnancy Foods Guide application is available.


6.       iD-Stress – Enjoy your pregnancy


It is very important that you live this stage of your life in fullness and that you enjoy all the moments that you will experience. Physical and hormonal changes can indeed cause you stress and fatigue, but for that, there is also an application that will help you relax. This is iD-Stress, it is available in Spanish for iPhone and Android (both free). With it, you can relax tensions and find a solution and support for issues as typical of pregnancy as are insomnia or nausea.


7.       My pregnancy a day


Complete, free and awarded, this app is used by more than one million pregnant women a day, which is said soon. Focused on both the mother and the future baby, you can follow the evolution of the fetus every week, monitor your medical appointments, write your pregnancy diary, control your weight and contractions, among many other possibilities. Also, it provides advice on food and exercise adapted to this stage and includes a useful option that tells you the nearest hospital in case you go into labor outside your usual area.


8.       Contraction Master


The day comes, you go into labor and you have to start controlling the time between contraction and contraction. It is clear that at that moment in which it is sometimes difficult to control the nerves, it is not less the fact of timing the contractions; but don’t worry, that’s why you have your mobile. There are numerous applications with which you can keep track of your contractions minute by minute, but one of the best rated by users is Contraction Master. It has a stopwatch and it is enough that you press when you start and finish the contraction so that it tells you how long it lasted and the history of previous contractions.