Monday, September 25, 2017


Art By Hillary Uzomba

Child not bride- THE RYTHMICS OF COLOURS is an art concept by Hillary Uzomba.

”For most part of History, anonymous was a woman.”  Virginia wolf.

I dedicate this piece to all who believe as much as i do that women deserves a chance to be part of a greater good to change the world…to heal it, and to retell the tales of HISstory. I know a day will come, HIStory will become HERstory.

In my hometown when a girl is born to a family, they would say ”etiti uzo” (middle road,crossroads) because no one knows the power inherent in her to choose the right path…the believe is that, the girl child is a child that brings good tidings…

Nigerians, you remember Senator Yerima.?
If u dont, ask questions. His famous for marrying children.

Help stop abuse of women any where in the world, Support gender equality in Nigeria, Support women rights, Support women Entrepreneurs for a better Nigeria.


Gender Equality - Art by Hillary Uzomba
Gender Equality – Art by Hillary Uzomba

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