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Buhari’s time to work



It is no longer news that President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration mismanaged the economy. It is not news either that the Jonathan administration reenacted Nigeria of 1980 to 1983 or that in the time of boom in the upstream sector of the country’s oil and gas industry, the administration left the economy gasping for breath.

Besides, we need not be reminded that it was the realisation that Nigeria needed to be pulled from the precipice that we elected President Muhammadu Buhari.

Those that have been my friends on social media especially on Facebook and followers on Twitter since 2008 will remember my activities during the US presidential campaigns and election.

Barack Obama assumed office as President in a country that was in recession. But he got to work at revamping the ailing economy immediately and left the Democratic National Convention and its fringes to tackle the immediate past government’s dismal performance. He insulated his staff from politics after the election.

It’s therefore time the President and his team stopped blaming Jonathan for the state of the economy five months after Nigerians chased out the lacklustre and inept administration.

The wheel is now in the President’s hands. Jonathan got to his point of disembarkation five months ago. The captaincy of the ship is now in Buhari’s hands.

If Jonathan and/or his appointees have stewardships to render, by all means, bring them to reckoning. Recover loot and prosecute those who cleaned up the cookies from the communal jar.

We however need to move on.

Nigerians want to know the President’s plans to revamping our economic fortune.

They want him to get his hands dirty. They want him to, quietly, provide evidence needed for the prosecution of past governments. They want to see some politicians in the slammer but they are tired of this headless and needless blame game.

I wish to remind the President of a line in Clint Eastwood’s work, The good, the bad and the ugly: “If you gonna shoot, shoot! Don’t talk