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ZARIA Killings: Protest Break Out in Front of Nigerian Embassy in Iran



Iranians in the early hours of Tuesday, stormed the Nigerian embassy in Tehran, the Iranian capital, to protest the killing of Shi’a Muslims by Nigerian Army.

The protesters comprised of university students, seminary scholars and members of cultural unions and artistic center from various Tehran districts, the protesters denounced the Nigerian officials’ insults against the Shia Muslim religious leaders.

The slogans chanted in the protest included ‘Oh Muslims! Unite! Unite’, ‘Down with the Saudi clan’, and ‘Imam Hussein (AS) is our leader, martyrdom is our pride’.

The protesters also asked the concerned Iranian officials to shut down the Nigerian Embassy in Tehran, as they burnt British and Israeli flags.

On Sunday morning Nigerian army troops in an invasion against Nigerian Shia Muslims leader Ibrahim Zakzaki in Gislo District of Zaria City killed the prominent leader’s wife and three sons and then invaded Baqiyatollah Hosseiniyeh in Kadona province where they martyred at least 300 Shia Muslims.

The Nigerian Army forces had also last year in an invasion against the peaceful ralliers on the International Qods Day martyred dozens of Shia Muslims, including some members of Sheikh Zakzaki’s family.
There is no official statistics on the population of the Nigerian Shia Muslims, but the estimate on their number range from two to eight million.

(Source: IRNA)