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The Peace Conference of Religious Leaders in Rwanda and South Sudan for 2day



On November 2015, the whole world was deep in fear and shock caused by horrible terrorism.

The last week of November in Africa, however, was full of hope arising from meetings of religious leaders who yearn for peace. The 2 days meetings in Juba, South Sudan(27th) and Kigali, Rwanda(28th) were for unity of religious leaders in order to achieve peace.

The chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee hosted the 1st WARP Office of Christianity in Juba, South Sudan on November 27th. No one can imagine it was the first time for the WARP Office to be held there because of its grand scale and the active attitude of all participants.

The first WARP OFFICE in South Sudan

About 270 audience was attended from the youth organization Assistance Mission for Africa(AMA). Its executive director James Ninrew who has great affection for HWPL WARP Office said “If the 2nd HWPL WARP Peace Office Meeting finds me in Juba, I will not missed such occasion.”

On the follwoing day(November 28th), there held the 2nd WARP Office in Kigali, Rwanda. Religious leaders of Christianity, Catholic and about 40 audience was participated in this meeting, whose topic was .

Afred(Bethammi Christan fellowship church Pastor) said, “It was very impressive that different churches and people doing various activities gathered together to share and talk about peace. I am fascinated by the way of HWPL to achieve their vision.”

WARP Offices in Rwanda and South Sudan were conducted using Internet video conferencing. Even though the poor infrastructure caused unexpected situation, all participants of the both peace meetings discussed seriously with eager attention
Hence, HWPL expects the future of Africa saying “Although the distance between Korea and Africa is very far, sincere hearts for peace make us transcend time and space. HWPL will put more effort to change Africa to be the peaceful continent.”

Participants of the first WARP OFFICE in SouthSudan

HWPL WARP Offices are currently established at 103 locations in 56 countries and are considered as one of the main peace activities of HWPL along with enacting the international law for cessation of wars. HWPL will host the WARP Offices in Africa regularly to restore Africa where there have been breaking out a lot of civil wars and conflicts