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Xiaomi to Start Selling Smartphones in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa



Xiaomi’s Smartphones will begin to sell in the Nigerian, South African and Kenyan market by the middle of this month. Mia Group revealed this following the deal it had with Xiaomi to be the major distributor of these products for these markets.

RJ van Spaandonk, the President of the Group who spoke about the deal described the selected countries as the key countries in Sub Saharan Africa. According to him, the company is happy to be the provider of Mi 4 as well as Redmi 2 to these key countries. He said that the company was getting ready to provide these new high end Smartphone devices at a competitive price to consumers in these countries.

Spaandonk disclosed that their partners showed interest in the products when they had initial discussions with them.

Redmi 2 and Mi 4 will be made available to the online partners, leading mobile network operators and specialized retailers in the countries mentioned above. However, the selling price as well as the detailed information about the availability of the products will be provided in each country before the mobile devices will be unveiled.

The Director of Xiaomi, Raymond Tian described Africa as the next frontier for the growth of Smartphone. He said that Xiaomi was pleased to collaborate with Mia Group in providing Consumers in these three African countries with their high quality mobile devices at competitive prices.