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The Election of President Buhari Generated Word’s Spam Count: Kaspersky



Kaspersky Lab’s Spam and Publishing has said in its report for the quarter that the Nigeria last presidential election in which President Buhari emerged as the winner has generated a lot of spam emails. The report also mentioned other world events such as the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and Nepal’s earthquake that gave rise to many spam emails.

According to this report, these spam emails aim at either soliciting for voluntary donations from the recipients of the email or obtaining their personal data.

Kaspersky Lab’s Spam and Publishing has revealed in this report that the majority of these spam emails focused on global current events in order to attract the recipients. However, as indicated in the report, there was 5.8% decreased in the percent of spam email generated in this current quarter which was put at 53.4% when compared with the 59.2% of spam email generated in the previous quarter.

The fraudsters have attempted to use the sum of $2 million to lure their recipients. According the report, the spam emails said that President Buhari would compensate the recipients with $2 million.

The Head of Content Analysis and Research Department, Kaspersky Lab, Darya Gudkova has advised email users not to open any emails from any unknown sender in order not fall prey to these fraudsters. He also advised against clicking on any links in these email or downloading any attachments in the emails.