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Nigerian Standard vs European standard.



Having as a clear objective, to be able to transmit that differentiating essence attached to the passion for your job, I have made my mission and objective of all I do in business to release quality products into Nigerian market, and ever since, this is a topic that always hit my mind every time I deal with a potential costumer questioning the possibility or viability of some products in the Nigerian Market, comparing with Chinese products.

Having clarify the error of matching high quality and low quality products, regardless of their origin, to make a comparison between them, as if there were competing on an equal basis. Then what are we identifying as Nigerian Standard? And what then is the difference with the European Standard.

For me, as I experience Spain and Nigeria, interacting both on a daily basis, both personally and in business, my conclusion is that if we are to talk or even compare Nigerian and European standard, there are many things we are probably getting wrong.

On the political or economic aspect… Yes it is true that Nigeria has work to do for the social and economic development, youths employment, infrastructures, local production of countless items… can I end this sentence without mentioning Power Generation?…etc

The truth is that we cannot deny the fact that either through government, or private entities and organizations, local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors and with a population set to be one of Top economies of the world by 2020, something is being done so far. Although in a country with almost 180 million population no matter the percentage in numbers, there will always be much to be done.

If I am to compare with Spain, with barely 40 million population, watching the news and how politicians are behaving in a such a small country, how I can feel the emotional vibrations as you walk around the city, and injustices happening every day in the name of a united Europe, it is difficult to think about the European standard as an example.

But when we are talking about European and Nigerian standard, are we more referring about quality standards? so are we saying that Nigerian standards of quality are different that the rest of the world?, Are we saying that Nigerians do not like to have quality and durable products for their building construction, or their food consumption, or their clothing?

Obviously all these does not match with reality of a country with such a creative and developing Fashion sector that is highly appreciating, a FMCG sector that is experiencing a massive evolution through new multinationals coming to playground, or a Construction Sector with so much work to do that finds it difficult to supply for the demand.
Then again is this European and Nigerian standard actually talking about price of items? Are we talking about how much Nigerians are ready to pay for a particular product? Some may think this is where the success of Chinese products is based, affordable price. But this is not a Nigerian standard at all, the success of Chinese products through price Is happening everywhere.

In Spain we have this “everything @1 EUR shops” where you can buy anything from home accessories and consumables to shoes, bags, clothes, electronics… anything!. And when you buy you know that you are literally throwing your money on the long run, as the item may last for few days, weeks or luckily months, but you know it, you assume it, and you buy it, thinking that, when I am able to, I will buy a good one. Maybe by the time you are able to buy the good one, you have already spend the money to buy it 10 times but… anyway.

But what it may not happen in a European country is to buy a low quality product to be used in something like building, for example, you cannot ask even find low quality tile to be laid in a housing project, there are standards far above what the country laws can say about It, but as thinking that “this is not something I am going to just remove next tomorrow, it Is going to stay for a while”, in fact tiles it is normally a product manufactured to last for decades, not even years. It is not a 1EUR investment, more important, it is a product dealing with safety standards made not thinking on a particular country.

There is so much offer on low quality items in the market that some of the products falling into quality standard are overpriced due to the few offer and variety against the demand.

Let us raise the Nigerian standard in this aspect, not the price