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Lower Call Tariffs Would Give More Nigerians Access to Telecom Services, Said Shittu and Odekunle



Barrister Adebayo Shittu, the Nigerian Minister of Communication and Mr. Babajide Odekunle, the General Manager, Lagos State said that more and more Nigerians would be able to get access to telecom services if call tariffs are lower. According to them, lower call tariff will also narrow digital divide.

Shittu was of the opinion that the three tiers of government must tackle the issue of Right of Way (RoW) in order for call tariff to be lowered. He said that it was imperative for all stakeholders to participate actively in the discussion on the modalities for perfecting the tariff charges in the telecom industry.

Shittu made his view known during a visit of the General Manager of LASMIRA and his team to his office in Abuja.

Shittu pointed out that it was necessary for a common tariff that would give the common man access to telephony, make it possible for them to pay for their calls and also get the best services be adopted. His reasons for holding his views is that the telecom companies would at last shift the charge to the consumers.

The Minister expressed the willingness of the Federal Government to work hand in hand with the industry stakeholders and do whatever that is possible in giving Nigerian consumers a new lease of life.

He pointed out that high call tariff in the country could not be compared with the call tariff in other countries in the region but he blamed this on the high costs of diesel for powering the generators used in generating electricity for the running of the company as well as on other maintenance cost. However, he mentioned that the telecoms benefit from Nigerians.

LASMIRA’s chief while speaking during the visit pointed out that the minister has taken some decisive steps within the few months he has worked as the Minister of communication in the country.

He promised that the Lagos State Government would support the Federal Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP) because of the numerous benefits the state believed it would give.