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How to Detect Hidden Spy Cameras in a Room



Installing security spy cameras in the home, office and hotels is one of the best things any security conscious individual can do, but the security camera like I have noticed, can be used for negative things as well.

I once had a friend, who worked in an hotel in Lagos, and most times when we hang out chatting with other friends of ours, he tells us how he sits around with the hotel manager, watching customers having fun in their rooms, like he puts it, “sex”.

Investigations however, has also shown that a lot of these tapes find their way into the internet or most time, are used to blackmail and extort money from such customers.

Like the case of a graduate arrested recently in Lagos State by the police, for blackmailing over 17 women, claiming to be the Personal Assistant to a top Government official,  who he  can help  them secure jobs  through, only if they  allow him sleep with them.  Anyways, for the unsuspecting few who accepted,  he videotaped them,  extorted money and still uploaded the videos to their Facebook walls. Well, one of the lady’s reported the culprit to the police, after her husband saw the video on her Facebook wall and filed for divorce.

So why wait till it gets this bad? the fun can always wait for a few minutes more.

Now, what do you do when you travel on a business trip and must stay in an hotel in the company of that chick or bobo? Here is a trick on how to check if such hotels have hidden cameras installed.

When you are in the hotel room, turn off the lights, and close the curtains, open your phone’s camera but, do not turn the flash light on.

Now, scan the room with your phone, while looking into the screen, like you are doing a 360 degree turn, and are about to snap an image.

If a red dot appears on your phone’s screen, that means a hidden web camera is installed. If there are no red dots, the room is okay, and no one is spying on you.

Do note that it may not necessarily be a hidden camera, it may also be a laptop on the table, with the screen facing the bed. Though the screen may be blank, the webcam could still be running.

So when next you lodge out for whatever reason, be security conscious.