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FG to Provide Grant for Research to the Nigerian Academy of Science



The Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) will not receive grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology to carry out research work in the country. Chief Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science and Technology disclosed while speaking to a team from the academy that paid him a visit in Abuja.

However, the Minister said that the ministry could only provide grant to NAS once the budget was approved. The grant according to him would be made available for the purposes of promoting research projects towards national development.

The minister gave NAS the responsibility of determining the kind of research to carry out. However, he said since the grant might not be huge, it would be good for them to start small.

Dr. Onu in his speech, denominated the Academy “a storehouse of the best brains in the nation.” Onu promised NAS that the ministry would make its relationship with the Academy strong to engender research and development in the country.

Onu urged NAS to begin journal publication again as a means of locally reporting development in science and technology in Nigeria.

Prof. Oyewale Tomori, in his capacity as the President of the NAS praised the minister for what he was able to achieve so far in the ministry. Prof Tomori said that the Academy was ready to work along with the ministry for the development of the country.

Talking about the responsibilities of Nigerian Academy of Science, Prof, Oyewale said that NAS offered sound advice to the Federal Government given its position as the apex scientific organization in the country. The organization also provide funds to scientific start-up companies and also fund research fellowships.