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Bulls and Bullions : An Odyssey Into a World of Realism



The lion’s den is no niche for humans or animals that can’t stand up to the sylvatic tendencies of the king of the kingdom. Each day of the dark clouds accompanied by the whistling crickets and lights from our wool lamps reminds us of where we started from and where we’ve rather wobbled to get to. The realisation of a greater future is very important but what do we achieve in an environment of bigotry and ominous acrimony? An environment where greed spurs needs, a world of billions of people with their several qualities and strengths, chasing every dropping needle without a sound or buzz like a bee. A society foiled by green neon lights, heavenly water bodies, green lands and beautiful animals, artistic structures of human cognition, a society where antagonism is the tick behind a rise and impressionism is the first step towards realisation. Welcome to a world of bulls and bullions.

The tussle for power has long been existent since man came to being. Power is a natural phenomenon that turns the most gentle of waters on, a journey of many years that often looks like that of a day as the outright effect of its achievement is a step into a comfort zone, albeit, a position of distortion. It’s totally familiar to humans that the incitement of bullions on the hearts of men has come in absolute apposition with crime, a “feat” achieved by only those who have the strengths of bulls and the smart attributes of tortoises. They win battles and are favourites in the distributions into honourable positions. They live in a world of the realisations of their realism, hook or crook.

Gone are the days of the great Haile Sellasie who took the future of his people close to heart, fought forces from Italy and won, made several sacrificial moves for the continuous existence of his people and is today, the very finest Ethiopia’s history have gotten. The days of Julio Cesar and the love for power, guarded and protected by a powerful Roman empire, fighting to protect the cataclysm of his people and life, raking in bullions in the process. We have had days of the courageous Achilles, who crushed enemies with a vehement insouciance, sashaying into their throats and bellies, fighting for territorial greatness and avoiding a catastrophic revanchism. The world has seen powerful people, strong and courageous men from antiquities who fought for the rise of man and for the love of their people but always with a return of bullions. Nothing has ever been for free.

It may be interesting to see the induction of megalomaniacs into our various societies today, Africa most especially, where aged leaders and their aged ideas still take centre stage in decision making and leadership positions, accumulating golds and silvers in the process, enriching pockets that have done little to earn a place in the greatness of a nation.

My Odyssey is one that hasn’t been short of various anomalies and those look more often like a mechanism of operation in an already compromised environment. My odyssey into the world has left me to adore the various bullions carried by bulls and their other beasts of burden who look heavier than their accompanying bosses.

The world is a bullish market, a society where bearishness is never accepted. It’s a world of gallantry and the imagery of a man is boldly laid on his realism. It’s a harrowing society but I have managed to live on, wobbling and hobbling to a clear path.