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A Portuguese Energy Firm Introduce a Technology for Reducing Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission



The Ultimate Power Group which is a Portuguese based Energy Firms has collaborated with Cruz-B Limited to introduce a technology that can reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by 30% and 80% respectively.

The unveiling ceremony of the Ultimate Power’s product known as the Ultimate cell which took place in Abuja was attended by Mr. Lawrence Anukam who represented the Minister of Environment, Mrs. Amina Mohammed. Mr Lawrence who is the Director General of the National Environment Standard and Regulatory Enforcement Agency (NESREA), on behalf of the Minister of Environment praised the Ultimate Power for introducing the technology into the country. According him, the technology has eco-friendly potentials and has proved to be energy saver.

The Minister said that he expected the technology to clean the environment reducing exhaust emission and rate of road accidents. The technology attracted the interest of the ministry because of how it was related to power, energy and the environment, the minister said. She also said that the government would promote any technology that was eco-friendly and resulted in clean environment.

As explained by Mrs. Amina, the technology was well thought out and was scrutinized and approved by the the Standards Organisation of Nigeria and NESREA showing that it met the standard for operation in Nigeria.

The CEO of Cruz-B Limited, Mr. Ben Obuekwe while speaking during the unveiling ceremony said that Cruz-B signed an exclusive agreement with Ultimate Power to be the distributor of the product in Nigeria owing to the fact that the product has been successfully used in more than 156 countries within a short period.

The Nigeria’s energy sector according to him has an urgent need for such a product in order to enhance its engine efficiency.

Explaining the benefits of the new technology, Mr. Obuekwe said that it would help users to save money and also protect the environment.

The product which is called the Ultimate Cell as he explained could be used in all engines. He mentioned that the product was designed to ensure that vehicles and their engines function at their full efficiency.

Victor Gonzalo, the CEO of Ultimate Power Cell said that the company has provided Cruz-B with technical experts that would help in training Nigerians on how to install the product in order to avoid the adulteration of the product.

He said that he was happy to witness the unveiling ceremony of the event which brought him to Nigeria. According to him, the company was confident that their technology would work well in Nigeria based on the test carried out already in Nigeria.