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Arbor Network Partnered with Leading ICT Companies to Fight Cybercrime in Nigeria.



Arbor Network and Networks Unlimited which is Abor’s value added distributor have established a partnership with the main information and communication companies in the country in order to offer professional security service to customers in the country.

Arbor Network provides network security for 15 years now. According to the Arbor Networks’ territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Bryan Hamman, the company is providing security against advanced threats to the networks of the largest enterprise in the world.

Talking about the partnership, Hamman said that there was a great need for skilled and capable vendors to provide security solutions to companies in East and West Africa in order to reduce, detect and identify distributed denial-of-service(DDoS) attacks.

Hamman mentioned that Nigeria has become the major faces of Arbor in African regions and as such growing arbor Networks as a brand and product in West Africa has been highlighted.

Steps on how to help companies in reducing DDoS attacks were demonstrated to the delegates. The highlights of the demonstration include Advanced Threat which the latest solution of Arbor and Hybrid DDoS solution.