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Will You Date Your Work Colleague ?

Valentine Chinyem



This post is for them who are user friendly and like to journey from peculiar roots. In a fraction of seconds, they earn friends. Surroundings and occasion cannot curb them into the boundary. They rule over the hearts of many and are aware of all the tricks to settle down.

  • Become a trouble shooter

When you are good at analyzing difficulties and clench class of solutions. You are sharp and quick at decision-maker. Your versatility can persuade persuade your colleagues to discuss even their personal issues. This enhances your chance. Your multitasking feature surplus your directory of contacts.

  • Efficient communication skills

Communication skills are the pivotal essence of organizations. If you satisfy your boss with your written and oral skills. She may gift you the chance to send and receive e-mail without bothering your designation. Your welcome speech to the newcomer in the office, your communications art during training session can force her to let her think about you.

  • Be Formal

Don’t you ever dare to forget that you are on the official premises. Your certified doings to impress the individual for a date can put your job at risk. Wear formal dresses, with the help of branded wardrobe you can look decent. Your success stories is the wonderful ingredient. No intimations that you are flirting someone. Jump over the gossips to rescue  from the fire of a boss. Prioritizes your formal doings and keep your persuasion activities  secondary at your desk.

  • No official talk

When she gives her consent for first meet, avails it at its best. Don’t waste it in  discussing the occurrence of office. Endeavor to know each other which could not be possible in the busy hours. Explore hobbies, favorite times.  Make use of each moment to let her be aware of your worries for her. Compliment her” colleagues were talking about your new hair style”.”males like your innocent smile”.But praise should be genuine and realistic.

  • Criticizing boss and fellows is a big no-no

Don’t condemn your boss or fellow. It would decrease your marks as a loyal employee. Don’t use unpleasant vocabulary for boss and senior staff. Don’t doubt that correction of boss or particular decision of the board of directors. Don’t humiliate the policies of the office. You may display your further plans like what preparations are going in your mind to proceed further.

  • Become a supporter

Pretend like you are her genuine supporter. You can offer assistance in the next presentation. Certain things like how to put the trials in the right manner? How to keep the clients and boss happy. Some peculiar likes and dislikes for the boss. Try to assist her out of the way you can. You would win her heart very soon as she entitles you “helpful caring”. Your caring hand can support your profile

  • Become her buddy

She is a new joining in the office. She does not know anything. People don’t forget the aid at the new place. Acknowledge her about the office canteen, washroom, lunch hours,certain celebrations, trips. You explain her the internal policies and rules which were not mentioned in the official literature. Like exploring social sites is not allowed in the office. Sending a personal mail is prohibited, casual wear is allowed on certain days, smoking in the office canteen is not allowed. You can assist her for her first assignment.

  • Study her personality

All girls are not fashionable freaks. Some girls work to kill the spare time and some fix difficult targets. They are very ambitious. Sky is the limit for such girls. Their only focus is their official targets. You can motivate such girls to climb and grasp their fruit. Handle such girls according to her main concern.sensitive girls get hurt very soon. Hurriedly, they start shedding tears so alter your strategies accordingly.

  • Neglect Selfishness

Don’t inquire too much about the official secrets which she has to manage under her designation. Don’t ponder her an information provider. Don’t enforce her to disclose the secrets like who is on the main list for promotions and devotions. Your inspections may lead to hidden evil inside.

  • Get away from crudeness

Generally there is a weird misconception that working women are very modern they get physical very soon. Yes they are open –minded if she answers your shake hand warmly it does not mean that she won’t slap you if you would place your hand on her thigh. Such shabby doings can bring embarrassment and humiliation only.

About Author: Anamika is a dating consultant and provides advices on relationships and dating.