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How to Protect Yourself From Salt



All of us know that high quantity of salt is harmful for our health. That’s why some people have tried to take small quantity of salt in their daily life. Usually, we take more quantity of salt than the required quantity in our daily life.

The ready made food that we brought from market have high quantity of salt, as, salt plays an important role in preservation of food. It has estimated that 75% of salt that we take is from food that we eat. Our body needs only 5 to 6 grams of salt per day.

Protect Yourself From Salt

The chemical name of table salt is “Sodium Chloride” (NaCl) and crystalline in nature. Our tongue has also salty taste buds. The salt regulates the level of water in hot weather. Not it only regulates the level of water, but also maintains the level of pH in body. When we take in high quantity, the regulation disturbs and it pulls the water from blood stream. The man feels more thirst.

It is not only the cause of thirst but also the have bad effect on digestive system. As, the salt is antibiotic in nature, it kills the living bacteria, present in food, Thus, it slows down the decay process of food. Excessive use of salt disturbs the digestive system and leads to constipation. The cause of high blood pressure, heart diseases, heart attacks, asthma, and cancer of stomach is only salt.
It has estimated that only one table spoon of salt is enough for men and women in their daily life. In our daily life, we exceed from this limit and are at on high risk of diseases. According to World health Organization (W.H.O), the man in old age has same high blood pressure that he has in age of fifteen.

It has been studied that Americans people is now using diet that have minimum amount of sodium. The research institute of United Kingdom has researched that, high quantity of salt in food is cause of stomach cancer.

Here, just I would like to say “excessive use of everything is bad”. If you want to protect yourself from high blood pressure and other diseases, Always take only that quantity that we need.