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Uber Still Charges Nigeria High Despite Price Reduction in the US and Canadian Cities



Nigerian consumers of Uber service seem to be left out in the price reduction the company gives to its consumers in the US and Canadian cities.

Uber which is an international tech company has reduced the prices of services in about 100 US and Canadian cities. The reason for this reduction according to the company is because of slow rate of car service in January. The company said it reduces prices in order to increase the demand for it services.

In a report issued by company, the lower prices will be offset by the demand. In this way, drivers will make more money. The report also said that company would change to the initial price if the price-reduction strategy did not work.

However, Nigeria consumers of Uber services are not getting any price reduction from the company. The Nigeria consumers have regrettable observed discrepancies between the service charge of the company and the debit-card deductions reported by their banks.

With this price reduction, Uber is cutting prices in this manner for three years. It has done it in Boston, DC, and Los Angeles and positive change in terms increase in demand.

As an international company, Uber does not accept payment in local currency. All payment is made in dollars. The company is now available in more than 60 countries and this makes it almost impossible to accept payment in local currency. According to the report of the company, it is not likely for the Nigeria consumers to get any price reduction because of the state of the economy of country.