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Either you have a big or small building project, to have a good planning schedule for your products logistics and installation it’s one of the things that can make your work to flow, to reduce cost, to have the expected result, and many other benefits that we sometimes seem to disregard.

We can see many people that,  moved by the structure of Nigerian building sector, are developing their own dreamed house by their self. This is a lovely task that can give you so much joy and stress at the same time, but if we are not careful enough to do a little planning, can get us ending up with much of disappointment, unfinished areas or finishing works made on the rush.

While I was in Lagos selling Spanish products directly to the final user, I used to experience that feeling of failure when I wasn´t able to deliver a particular product at that very moment the client was requesting for it. But one day I just look back and I thought, why should I be disappointed with myself? Can anybody have the whole of the products of different types and factories in stock waiting for the costumer to request for it?.  Actually, some Nigerian companies try to but, is this system of accumulating stock always the best option? When you are dealing with only a line of product it may be easy, but when you want to give a complete service is not achievable neither realistic.

The bottom line is that, it’s a normal thing for a novice builder that will probably end his building career with the construction of his own house, not to take things like planning the logistics of the products  he will use on the construction into a deeper consideration. But if he is having an architect, project manager or an engineer for the job, this professional should do.

Two or three months ahead as time frame to order for your tiles or bathroom fittings, may not be enough if you are the type of person that like to have for his dreamed house, exactly what you like. Sometimes we go through the catalogues or the net and we are able to admire nice interior architectural designs that we assume to be almost impossible to achieve, just because we haven’t plan our finishing products purchasing on time, together with the difficulty of having the expertise hands needed to bring out the best of the product.

The truth is that, it is not only possible, but can also make you save money, in Lady Nancy Group we are glad to have in our team great local and foreign professionals that are the key to achieve a perfect turnkey project, with standard quality and finishing,  tailored to the customer’s pocket.

Project customized importation have advantages such as purchasing  at direct factory price, allowing you to get exactly your taste in all products,  and no time wasted in running around looking for a particular product.

Moreover, planning ahead with Interior Architectural Designs helps you to know how your dreamed house will finally look like months ahead, which helps you to manage changes efficiently, be sure that the combinations you figured out in your head actually fit to your taste,  and a long etcetera.

Wouldn’t you give a try on your next project and plan ahead?