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Nigerian construction market is still young and with many areas to be explored. Although the gross market niche is still sacrificing quality against price, or appearance against durability, even fancy against functionality. There is a growing market for quality and innovative products, which with, other factors such as durability are intrinsically embedded in the product itself.

Since a few years to this time we have been able to see an increasing growing of luxury companies establishing and extending their branches in Nigeria, according to the development of the demand for this type of products by Nigerian client.  Porsche, Cartier, or Ermenegildo Zegna are just some of the brands you can find on town. But the Luxury is not only approaching the clothing and car sectors, but the Construction sector has even created more innovating business formulas than others, now attracting luxury finishing products companies into the game.

As for luxury finishing products Spain is the cradle of prestigious and reputable family company businesses renowned worldwide, with a common vision and a firm policy based on attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The interest of Spanish Quality and Luxury Finishing Products intersects this year with the First International Trade Fair for Construction Sector in Nigeria, AfricaBuild that will take place in Lagos next month of February, and where more than 80 different companies from around the globe will be exhibiting the best of their products and services for the construction market in Nigeria.

I am happy to say that more than 10% of these companies are Spanish, sponsored by ICEX, the Spanish Government Entity that promotes the exportations and investments of Spanish companies around the world. We know Spain in construction mostly on commercial tiles, sanitary wares, even machinery. But this venue will be a perfect scenario to see more of the potential of Spanish construction related companies and what they can really offer in terms of quality and innovation, as for example in the growing Luxury Finishing Products sector with few companies already in town like Porcelanosa and others like Miura Ceramicas that wants to take their space and reach not only to the high end but also the buoyant middle Nigerian class that likes and appreciate good quality products.

The next step is to conquer any barriers for a successful collaboration between countries to bring the knowledge instead of the product, in order to increase the local employment opportunities that some of these products can give for the unstoppable growth of the country.

Nancy Martinez Fasoro

Consultant Specialized in Nigeria Market