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The Music Business In Nigeria – A Business for Every Tom, Dick and Harry?!



There is absolutely no doubt that the Music Business In Nigeria is a thriving one. A lot of artistes have crossed over from being local artistes to being thrust into the international limelight. Artistes like D’banj, P-Square, Asha, Tu-face and Femi Kuti have enjoyed both local and international fame. Now, the obvious problem in the Nigerian music industry is that a lot of young people (especially boys) now see the music industry as a get-rich-quick avenue. There are music recording studios springing up in almost every nook and cranny in Lagos; these studios offer these youngsters the opportunity to go and record their “songs”  and HIT IT BIG when top people in the industry – such as Don Jazzy, Kenny Ogunbe and Dayo Adeneye – listen to their stuff.

Hmm, that does sound like a plan but….

…….the sad truth is that a lot of these youngsters cannot sing! Some of them cook up lyrics that even a cat can write and call it music! Yes, the sad truth is that some of the materials that some of these youngsters call songs, are basically excuses for music!

Most seasoned lovers of music cannot stand to listen to the so-called songs with insipid lyrics produced by so-called music geniuses. Self-styled songs with wishy-washy lyrics produced by self-styled music geniuses actually sound like a bag of cats being thrust against a stone wall!

Many of the songs hitting the Nigerian air waves are basically “Party Songs” which have no depth whatsoever. Record producers and managers tell young artistes to come up with a Party Song that has a very catchy hook and they will be good to go. Many artistes now “write” words with a catchy hook and label it music.

Back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Nigerian artistes took the time to write songs that will outlive them, and would also send a message across to both the young and the mature. But now, anyone who can afford studio session time now has the audacity to call him or herself an artiste. Some of these supposed artistes actually get lucky with the “songs” they write and get a little media buzz and after a couple of months, no one remembered that they even existed.  It is now safe to say that the Nigerian music industry is a business for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

How to Become a Nigerian Music Artiste in 6  Easy Steps 

  1. Write a song with a  catchy hook – preferably in pidgin English
  2. Get some money and book a studio session
  3. Ask the studio producer to give you a catchy beat
  4. Burn your songs into promotional CDs
  5. Give your CDs to the hottest radio DJ’s in town – do not forget to include honorariums!
  6. Shoot a music video and shell out loads of money to get your music video to air on prime time

Once you get people to know your song, you are gold!