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How to Develop And Promote Your Entertainment Business In Africa.



There is no business like entertainment business!

There is absolutely no doubt that the entertainment industry in Africa is a thriving business and almost everyone wants to cash in on the many wonderful opportunities that the entertainment business offers.

Developing an Entertainment Business in Africa

  • It is important to clearly define the area of the entertainment industry that you wish to provide your services.
  • If you are a singer, then it important that you standout from other artistes in the industry; this is because music and singing is currently “The Hottest” business in the entertainment industry in Africa. If your work involves managing singing acts, then you need to make sure that the artistes that you manage clearly standout – they will need to have a melodious tune with a powerful hook to standout from other artistes in the business. Also make sure that you register with an official governing body in this field.  In Nigeria, the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) is the official body that singers/musicians register with.


  • If you are interested in the dance aspect of entertainment, it is important to know that many Africans will not buy a pricey ticket to go see a dance show. Dance (especially hip hop and ballet) as a form of entertainment is gradually gaining acceptance in Africa. If you plan on running a dance company where clients can book dancers for shows, music videos and other events, then you should ensure that you have dancers that can perform a variety of dance moves.


  • If your plan is to render your acting services, then you should ensure that you register with the appropriate bodies that govern the acting community of the African country that you wish to set up your entertainment business. If Nigeria is the African country where you wish to market your acting skills, then you will need to join the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).


  • Comedy business is also a really thriving aspect in the African entertainment industry. As a comedian, you will need to ensure that you carve a very strong niche for yourself because the comedy business is becoming very saturated in countries like Nigeria and Ghana.


  • Other aspects of the entertainment industry that you can cash in on include being a supplier of props and costumes. Not many African countries can boast of top quality costume and prop stores.


Promoting Your Business


Effective ways of promoting your entertainment business includes:


  • Create a website: having a website is one of the best and fastest ways of exposing your business to the Africa and the rest of the world.


  • Social Media Sites: There are a lot of social media websites where you can announce the launch of your business and provide adequate information on products and services that you offer. You can also leave links to your website.


  • Place online ads: placing ads online will help you reach clients that are in search of the type of entertainment services that you offer.