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Ten Wonderful Things to See and Do in Nepal

a list of the 10 wonderful things to see and do in Nepal.



Nepal is a magnificent country tucked between the enormous Himalayas and the magical Indian forests. Its natural beauty, diverse culture, historic locations and the hidden monasteries has given an immense boost to the tourism. Nepal is an enchanting country and a paradise for its visitors. The country is blessed with natural wonders and unsullied beauty. It’s also a popular destination for camping, trekking and hiking. Trekking tours in Nepal are becoming very common and inviting people from all around the world to witness its hidden and unexplored beauty.

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If you’re planning to visit Nepal anytime soon, here are 10 wonderful things you shouldn’t miss in Nepal:

  1. Trekking
    Nepal offers some of the best trekking routes in the entire world, with varying terrains and trails. Walking through the best natural landscapes on the Himalayas is truly a heartwarming experience. Everest base camp trekking offers unparalleled routes amidst the astonishing nature and exquisite sceneries.
  2. Aerial view of the Himalayas
    The bird’s eye view of the panoramic Himalayas is undoubtedly a remarkable experience. The snow lining running across the peaks of the highest mountains of the world will leave you awestruck. Helicopter tours and flights are the most common ways to witness the Himalayan beauty unfold right in front of you.
  3. Pokhara
    This city sits beside the Phewa Lake and attracts a lot of visitors every year. Pokhara is the hub for adventurous sports, like boating hiking and paragliding. It also serves as the start point for trekking tours to Annapurna base camp and other destinations. The Phewa Lake sits perfectly underneath the majestic Himalayas, with the Annapurna range reflecting in the lake making it a popular spot to relax in peace.
  4. River rafting in Bhote Koshi River
    Get the perfect dose of adrenaline rush and experience Asia’s famous kayaking and rafting adventure in the Bhote Koshi River. The alluring flow of the fierce river and the exquisite scenery makes this experience one of a kind.
  5. Visit National Parks and Wildlife Reserves
    Nepal has a wide variety of flora and fauna in its natural untouched habitat. The wildlife tours and jungle safari are very exciting and allow you to see rare animals and plants. Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park are the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites with luscious pine and rhododendron forests. These are also the home to the Royal Bengal Tigers.
  6. Yoga and Spiritual retreats
    Join special yoga classes and retreat programs to experience tranquility and relax in this mystical land. You can learn the basics of Yoga tantra and deepen your spiritual practices. Nepal is an ideal location to immerse in peace and awaken your inner conscience.
  7. Volunteer Teaching in Rural Villages
    Nepal has a lot of rural villages that are completely isolated from the outside world. The local tribes living in remote areas are deprived of basic education and health practices. Volunteering to educate them and providing them with basic knowledge of health and hygiene is a godly practice that would benefit the people there and bring a smile on your face.
  8. Mountain biking
    Biking excursions on dirt roads is a thrilling adventure on the outskirts of Kathmandu. This is a great way to explore the country and get in touch with the serene beauty and cultural attractions. Kathmandu to Nargakot and Annapurna Circuit are famous routes for biking excursions
  9. Visit Monastery
    Nepal has abundant hidden monasteries that are run either by Buddhist or Tibetans monks. These places offer century-old teaching and meditation courses which truly are an eye-opening experience. The intricate architecture and the prayers engraved on stones of the monasteries will leave you mesmerized. Kopan and Pullahari are famous Buddhist Monasteries where you can volunteer and get blessed with their teachings
  10. Day tours and adventures
    Nepal offers several adventure tours apart from trekking. Bungee jumping, canyoning, rock climbing and canoeing are popular day adventures that one can enjoy with family and friends. Kali Gandaki region offers the world’s second highest bungee jump that injects your body with pure adrenaline and makes it a memorable experience.

Conclusion: Nepal has abundant things offer to its visitors. We might run out of days, but the country would never fail to astound you.