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8 Tips Which Helps You To Be A Perfect Trekker

To become a true trekker you need experience but you can follow these tips to help you in your journey.




Hiking is a very engaging activity, and much like yoga, trekking leads you towards a life where you are re-connected with nature and her way of things. In today’s date and in the 21st century we all live in an industrialist cauldron that is boiling us to our extremes and keeping us away from the source of our origin, nature herself. All the attention of the world is towards the stock markets, the luxury hotels, building, lifestyles, the latest technology, the latest political episode, the latest everything, except nature and the things that are most important i.e. climate change.

Many are so lost that they even believe that climate change is not happening. The Amazon rainforest was burning a few days ago, and it was done by some few in the upper-class who hold the power to do so. The point being that we have drifted too far from nature, and with the act of trekking and hiking, we attempt to bring the attention back towards nature and her workings.

The mighty Himalayan mountain ranges are the largest ranges in the world and is hosted by the countries of Nepal, India and Bhutan. It is the same mountain ranges but a trekking experience that is different in each of these countries. India trekking tours are different to that of the Nepal trekking tours, all thanks to the variety and diversity for cultures, tribes and their traditions in both these countries. One of the most famous treks in Nepal is the Annapurna base camp trekking. How about start with one trek to head towards the trekking experience in the other two countries afterwards?

But how does one become a perfect trekker to be able to scale these heights?

Being a professional trekker requires you to have loads of trekking experiences from trekking to different destinations and trekking on different kinds of terrains on these trails. The physical fitness that comes with scaling all these trails is a given, but believe it or not trekking increases the mental potential and capacity of utilization and preservation.

So if you are already at this level of trekking, what more can you do to become a perfect trekker?

1. Workout every day:

This should go without saying. In order to perfect your trekking skills, it’s essential that you work on your stretches, your plunges, crunches, walking, cycling and core exercises. All of these workouts go on to strengthen your lower body fitness and your core-body strength.

2. Practice yoga as much as you can:

Yoga is a great way to boost mental and physical wellness. Yoga makes your body flexible and strong both at the same time so it allows you to work on your body weight.

3. Practice breathing freely every day:

Breathing exercises teach you controlling the breath. Often times while trekking we run out of breath and breath is the key to keep pushing forward. Make sure you know how to control your breath and use your lungs to the full capacity while breathing.

4. Join other adventure sports:

You might want to try your hands on other kinds of adventure sports such as rock climbing, mountain biking, free running etc. these extra sports that you will learn will make you understand how the different parts of the body work in other kinds of sports. The pressure, the power and the force that is required to do certain things at the right time, like pulling yourself up a rock or walking on slippery ice; all this knowledge will come to you clearly if you practice other adventure sports.

5. Maintain a healthy diet:

Most often than not, the causes of a bad routine or a lifestyle is the amount of junk that goes inside of us in terms of information, knowledge, ideas and food. Food is important to who you are and who you portray yourself as. As the saying goes “if you tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are”. Eat more greens and things that are direct fresh produce of nature.

6. Practice meditation everyday:

The goal to meditation is not getting rid of all your thoughts, but simply to be able to exist in peace with them and making space or newer thoughts. Trekking to so much extent is a mental game. If your mind is strong, it is possible for you to overcome so many kinds of obstacles while trekking.

7. Be self-sufficient enough to help others in need:

To better yourself, be abundant in the knowledge of your art and then spread the knowledge to those who require knowing how. It is only if you know best for yourself, that you will be able to help others and protect them from making the same mistakes that you made already.

8. Organize your expeditions:

Read the map of the trail before hand and memorize the stop points, this way if you have taken a wrong turn and reach a new place, you will know. Know the details of your treks and be prepared to lead in case required from you.