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7 Things Not To Miss In Nepal During Hiking and Trekking?




Nepal is a diverse country with a rich cultural and historic heritage. Home to the highest peaks in the world, Himalayas is for sure a major attraction in Nepal. The untouched and vast natural destinations make Nepal an ideal spot for trekking and hiking.Trekking is a thrilling yet rejuvenating experience and a destination like Nepal adds to the serenity. Trekking tours in Nepal are very common nowadays, enabling anyone to experience this mind-opening and refreshing retreat.

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Trekking in Nepal is a dream for every bag packer. The stunningly gorgeous country has towering white peaks that pass through the clouds, luscious green patches, and, beautiful lake shores that make the experience even more exquisite. Trekking and finding your way to the destination you might miss on some incredible things, so here 7 things worth mentioning that you shouldn’t miss while trekking in Nepal:

1. Nepali people: Nepalese are very welcoming and friendly people. You might not know their local language but a simple ‘Namaste’ would fill them up with their joy and smiles on their faces. Connecting with the mountain people and understanding their down to earth lifestyle would help you broaden your mind and get acquainted with the true Nepali lifestyle.

Everest base camp trekking tours allow you to get acquainted with the Sherpa tribe when you cross the Sagarmatha National Park. It’s a great way to connect with them and enhance your trekking experience.

2. Sunrise: It is a delightful experience to see the sun slowly come out from behind the snow-clad mountains and paint the sky with its beautiful colors. Make sure to get up early in the morning to witness the stunning sunrise view.

Starting your day with the calming rays of the sun would definitely energize you for the rest of your day.

3. Prayer flags: You will notice many colorful Prayer flags when you pass through Buddhist colonies. The flags hovering in the air will leave you with awe. Carrying your own player flags and hanging them when you reach the destination will be a glorious moment for you.

4. Cameras: You wouldn’t want to miss any of the stunning landscape or the spectacular sceneries. Capture the beautiful moments with your camera, so that you can relive and cherish the trip once you get back. Getting the panoramic Himalayas in the frame could be difficult but it would remind you of the amazing view and take you down the memory lane.


The Annapurna base camp trekking will take you through some of the most photogenic spots in Nepal. The view of the snow-clad Annapurna range will make you admire its beauty for eternity.

5. Local delicacies: Trying the local food is a very interesting way to learn about the country and its people. Every place has its specialty and expertise in cooking. Dal Bhaat is the staple dish In Nepal and is highly recommended. Momo always crosses our minds when we talk about Nepali or Tibetan food. There are very interesting and delicious filling used to prepare this snack and are a must eat. Sel Roti, Gorkhali lamb, and, Thukpa are also very common and a healthy option in Nepal.

6. Night Sky: You cannot always look at the stars in our polluted cities but Nepal has an astonishing night sky with twinkling stars that dance along with the moonlight. The view of the gigantic mountains with a backdrop of clear skies with stars is just mesmerizing in every way.

7. Monasteries: Buddhist monasteries are an architectural miracle in Nepal. Monks visit the monasteries for daily prayers, food, and community. These monasteries are an important source of religious information and its significance. Visiting a monastery will calm your mind and fill one with positive energy.

Conclusion: Trekking in Nepal is a beautiful experience and one must make sure to live in the moment and enjoy them to the fullest.