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SAP Has Announced the Start of Africa Code Week



Enterprise Application Software Company (SAP), has started its Africa Code Week during which it will offer free online sessions and coding workshops to the youths across the seventeen African countries.

The program is aimed at providing digital literacy and coding education for the youths in order to drive sustainable growth in Africa. The program is part of the effort of the company to enhance digital skills in Africa.

The company has already started providing additional business and IT skills to newly graduated students through its SAP Skills for Africa. But with this latest program, the Africa Code Week, primary and secondary students are now included in the plan. With the inclusion of the primary and secondary school students in the program, the company has provided a complete cycle of skills support to African Youth.

The free online sessions and many free coding workshops which have already started on 1st October 2015 are for children and adults within the age range of 8 to 24. The participants in the program should come from 17 African countries which include Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Botswana, Egypt, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Madagascar, Togo, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda and Tunisia. The program will continue till 10th October 2015.

Mr. Rachid Belmokhtar, the Minister of Education and Vocational Training of the Kingdom of Morocco while talking about the benefit of the program said that digital literacy would be able to make millions of young Africans to be successful in their various careers.  According to him, trained tech-savvy graduates are needed in order to enhance the position of Africa in the world’s competitive knowledge economy. Mr. Rachid said that it was the responsibility of everybody to promote digital literacy across Africa.

The Executive Chairman of SAP Africa, Pfungwa Serima has said that the youth of Africa will determine over the next decade whether the continent will win or lose the game. He mentioned that the digital economy provided numerous opportunities and that it was here with us. Young people according to him would do great if they were equipped with the best technology and provided with the skills that will make them to be useful in the labour market and empowered to be bold and creative.

Africa Code Week is founded and orchestrated by SAP in collaboration with AMPION,, the Cape Town Science Centre, the Galway Education Centre and the King Baudouin Foundation. But it is being supported by many NGOs, software companies, international and local educational organisations and African governments.