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30 Nigerian Start-ups to Visit Google and other Silicon Valley Based Companies



30 Nigerian Start-ups will visit silicon valley based companies such as Google, eBay, Oracle, SAP, 4info, Uber, Twitter, Paypal, Airbnb, Facebook and 500 Startups. The visit will be sponsored by Pocket Presents, a Nigerian based platform focused on transfer of knowledge across the globe in partnership with two regional tech companies, namely, The African Technology Foundation (ATF) and The African Network (TAN).

The Group has issued a statement in this regard explaining the objectives of the trip. According to the system, the aim of the trip was to inspire young technology entrepreneurs to leverage on the numerous opportunities presented by the local technology ecosystem.

The statement described 2016 as year Africans would manufactures items that the world cannot ignore. As mentioned in the statement, in order to help entrepreneurs and established business realized this objective, Pocket Presents has introduced its TechInSV.

The statement regrettably observed that owing to some problem such as marketing cost, poor infrastructure, production of items that can support high user adoption and others, many blogs opened by Nigerians are closed. According to the statement, more than 200 Nigerian blogs are created on different niches such as fashion, makeup, blogging, technology and others. These blogs owing to these problems are closed.

The participants in the trip according to the statement will be able to learn how they would be able to interact directly with the marketers, product engineers and other members of silicon Valley and this will help them to learn how to build these products.

The trip will last for seven days and they will pay attention to learning from the major technology teams. The trip would also give them the opportunity of have a real feel of life in San Francisco bay area. They will also be exposed to life in a growing startup.