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NSE Advised the Incoming Minister of Science and Technology on the Type of Policy Pursue



The Vice President of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Mrs. Margaret Oguntala during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja has admonished the incoming Minister of Science and Technology to pursue policies that would enhance industrial development in the country.

Oguntala regrettably mentioned that development of technological in Nigeria was fraught with a lot of issues. She said that during her childhood there were many industries in Nigeria that have folded up now. She gave example with Oba Akran Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos where there used to be a lot of industries such as breweries, textiles, paints and other types of industries.

She suggested to the incoming minister to find a way of encouraging manufacturing and development of industries in Nigeria. Mrs. Oguntala brought home her point by referring to China where there is industrial bank for local manufacturers to source for loans without paying any interest. She said that such a system can be put place in Nigeria.

She said that a lot of engineers and individuals were interested in bringing some development in the area of technology in Nigeria but their major problem is funding. So, she highlighted the need to encourage them by providing them with fund.

Mrs. Oguntala also advised the incoming minister to take practical steps in developing renewable energy resources in order to ensure that there is sustainable growth in manufacturing and technological sector in the country.

According to her, if the manufacturing and technological sector is revived, every sector of the economy will benefit from the multiplier effect of the improvement.

He said that it was necessary for the minister to find out ways of improving industrial development in Nigeria.