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PHOTOS: Pro-Biafrans Protest Nnamdi Kalu’s Detention, Block Niger Bridge



Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) today blocked the Niger Bridge in protest of the continued detention of their leader and Radio Biafra Director, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, who was arrested on the 19th of October, 2015.

Vehicular movement were disrupted in what could be termed the largest gathering of protesters in recent times in Nigeria, with the IPOD members numbering over 30,000 and blocking different part of Anambra State. Businesses were also said to have been disrupted for most part of the day.

IPOB members who wanted to be unruly on the road users were promptly shouted on and cautioned by their leaders to behave well, that molestation and dispossessing people of their property and goods, looting of people’s shops and property was not part of their agenda.

However, it could not be confirmed, but one protester was said to have been shot by the Police but the protest was relatively peaceful.

See pictures below: