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Our 8th Assembly; The Hate Assembly



Calamities bestrode enmities,
Animosities belied the greatness of entities,
People of valour and value preaching sanctity,
Albeit, their positions lack clarity,

Heavens fall when the house is on seat,
Even Angels on that ground may never be neat,
The Mase falls to the hand of the leader,
But the winner of the judgement is the tactics-strewn dealer,

Voices and choices on a pattern of collision,
Tribal and ethnic balance on an ignoble omission,
They rule on various commissions,
Even if their house’s Fuji is filled with commotions,
Going down the earthed mass on a slow motion,

Monies earned for no sittings or meetings,
At best, their strength are questions in Ministerial screenings,
Partisanship belies competence  amidst our modern senators,
Filled with greed and a will for disservice,
They do nothing yet get paid for the service,

The die is cast, troubles clash with rumbles,
The swagger lords of old are now the most humble,
Battles grow, more egos are bruised,
And their ships of trials are on an endless cruise,
May their confusions never snooze,
If Nigeria will grow, I’ll rather choose,

The 8th Assembly is filled with hate,
Hate for the progress of the Nigerian state,
With destiny, we have fixed a date,
A date no man can change or abate,

We have been prisoners in our homes,
The youths are on various degrees of roam,
As the old saying says, “no be one day dem take build Rome”
Let Nigeria walk towards her home,
And leave this land where enmity has clouded,
With iotas of hate, let the 8th assembly stop being crowded,
We need a change with strides better than giant,
The Nigerian blood remains ever defiant!