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Nigerian Students Developed a Prototype of a Zero-Emission Vehicle



A team of Nigeria students from the University of Lagos has created a prototype of a zero-emission car for use in urban areas in order to reduce the emission of fumes to the atmosphere and thus reduce the effect of global warming.

Named Project Dove, the team comprises students of mechanical engineering. Project Dove had planned to produce the prototype zero emission car in other universities across the country. To realize their objectives, the team has launched a crowd funding campaign on  The crowd funding raising campaign is to start on 29, January 2016.

As planned by the team, the project would be established in 20 tertiary institutions in the country before the year runs out. Project Dove also has the plan of providing other students with all the tools required for the design and construction of the vehicles.

Olusanya, the leader of the team expressed optimisms in the growing popularity of electric cars saying that the natural deposit of fuel will soon be depleted. According to him, the electric vehicles would soon become the newer trend in the future and take the place of fossil fuel. The aim of the project as he mentioned is to build a valuable technologies in Africa. The project is recognized by the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the Vice Chancellor of the university and the Lagos State Minister of commerce.

On the reason why the team is using crowd funding is because they believe that support given through this means which is much better than any other means is another means of showing care and love towards the young generation.