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ISOC Supports AfNOG for Network Technology Training with $150,000




Internet Society (ISOC) has partnered with African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) to boost technology skills by offering enhanced network technology training in Africa. In agreement signed by by both parties, ISOC would make a contribution of $150,000 in support AfNOG’s objective.

According to a statement released by both parties, they all agreed to lay more emphasis on the participation of women in the fellowship programme which is aimed at enhancing the internet across the continent.

The Director of the ISOC who announced the partnership said that over 20% of the population of the continent was active internet users in 2015. According to him, at this level of adoption, the internet should have impact on the economy of the continent. He said that providing technical training will contribute significantly to the organisation’s vision of ‘an internet for everyone’ and will also create the opportunity for the internet to impact on the economy of the continent.

ISOC which was established in 1992 is an international and non-profit organization that aims at providing leadership internet related policy as well as education and standards.

The Director of the ISOC explained that the organization has supported the functioning of technical skills training of the internet networks across the globe for over 20 years now for the reason mentioned above. The organization according to him is proud to partner with AfNOG towards building a more solid internet for the continent.

Prof. Nii Quaynor who is the AfNOG Convener, Jonathan B. Postel Service Award recipient and an Internet Hall of Fame inductee who also spoke about the partnership mentioned that AfNOG and ISCO share the values of building technical capacity, developing local communities and internet growth resulted in the creation of many internet technical capacities in the continent since 2000.

The support provided by ISOC according to him will strengthened the cooperation between the two organizations and also better the quality of the training programs of AfNOG which the African Technical community will benefit from.

AfNOG on the other hand provides a platform for technical coordination and cooperation among the internet service providers in the continent as well as the network engineers of universities, research institutions and industry in the region.