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Nigeria and Ireland Form a Synergy in Technology Transfer



Nigeria and The Republic of Ireland has struck a deal on technology transfer aimed at actualizing quick development in the country.

The two countries reached agreement in Abuja at the office of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science and Technology when Mr. Sean Hoy, the Irish ambassador to Nigeria visited him.

What made the deal possible according to Hoy was the cordial relationship that two countries have even during the colonial era. Hoy expressed optimism over the trade between the country which was about 270million Euro last year saying that hopefully, an increase will be recorded by the end of this year. Hoy mentioned that 50m Euro contract was signed in the trade mission the two countries had in December last year. The relationship between these two countries according to him is a positive one.

Highlighting on the importance of technology for the development of Nigeria, Hoy said that his country has established a strong and reliable internet education and many teachers have been successfully trained. These teachers according to him have the required certification to help in training Nigerians. Hoy mentioned that the ministry of science and technology has a type of relationship with Ireland that would make his country to search for opportunities of working for the development of Nigeria using tech.

Republic of Ireland as mentioned in his speech has the largest ICT companies in Europe among other English speaking countries.

Dr. Onu on his part expressed the readiness of the ministry to collaborate with Ireland on technology transfer in order to ensure that the change agenda of President Buhari is achieved. The minister appealed to Hoy and his envoy to establish a strong relationship with Nigeria. According to Onu, the Ministry of Science and Technology which he heads is making serious effort to close on gaps between the country and Irish companies in Nigeria in the area of technology.

Dr. Onu acknowledged the effort of the Irish missionaries that brought formal education to Nigeria by establishing schools in the country. As observed by Onu, many of the leaders of the country benefitted from their schools. Onu said that Nigeria would want to toe the line of the The Republic of Ireland that highlighted education and good technology which they were able to use in dealing with poverty.

The Minister said that Muhammadu Buhari’s administration was well composed to develop the economy of the country, create jobs, provide security and established the rule of law in the country.