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A Mast Belonging to Bank Fell



A mast belonging to Citi Bank  in Lagos fell down destroying a property and wounding a trader.

Merciful Lagosians who rushed to the scene after the incidence, took the wounded trader to the nearest hospital  called Saint Nicholas Hospital located on the island. The wounded trader simply identified himself as Innocent.

The property destroyed by the fallen mask is a three storey building located in Idumagbo area of the city at 13, Ebinpejo Lane by Erekoro. It belongs to the family of Ashorobi.

According to a member of Ashorobi family, the bank that owns the mast has not made any comment on the damage done to their property by the fallen mast. As she explained, the mast was brought down by the storm that occurred during the early hour rainfall of the fateful day.

This was not the first mast that has fallen in the state. The Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Authority (LASIMRA) has reacted to the ugly incidence by issuing guidelines to banks, telcos, oil firms, internet service providers (ISPs) and any other establishments that utilizes mast for the running of their business. A 14 days ultimatum was issued by LASIMRA through Mr. Jide Odekunle, the General Manager of the agency to these establishments using ungalvanised hollow pipes to remove them and install galvanized masts of angular hot dip zinc.