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MTN: No Resolution Has Been Reached with NCC



Strong headlines have been in the Nigerian dailies on the fine imposed on MTN by the Nigeria Communication Communication (NCC) with some media houses saying that MTN has agreed a resolution with NCC. But the company has issued a statement saying that talks with the NCC is still going on.

In the statement released by MTN, no resolution has been agreed on with NCC. The company said it is still engaging the authorities concerned with the issue in talks.

According to the statement, the information circulated by some media houses that a resolution has been reached with NCC is false. Though the statement did not mentioned any particular media house but it cautioned the public against such a report describing it as nothing but the false.

MTN has advised its stakeholders to be careful with how they react to the information they got elsewhere about the issue. The telecom giant promised to keep them posted with the outcome of their talks with the Nigerian authorities through the Stock Exchange News Services of the JSE Limited (SENS).

MTN made it clear in its statement that the company has been in business in Nigeria for more than 10 years and throughout these years, it has conducted its operations in compliance with the established principles as it has done in other countries where it is operating. The statement said that the company is aware of their responsibilities towards the development of the local economies of the society that harbors them.

The company has highlighted on its commitment and investment in connecting customers in their network. Finally, the company avowed their commitment in partnering with their host communities saying that they “remain committed to maintaining solid partnerships, with regulators, governments, communities and our markets, including in Nigeria, to build a sustainable industry that contributes to the growth of local economies.”