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Certified Professionals Directory App for Africa.



Let’s face it , a large number of people are scared stiff when it comes to purchasing goods and services from Africa. This is simply because they believe that products and services emanating from Africa can simply not be trusted. The “trust economy” is a really fast developing segment of the world economy of products and services. Smart entrepreneurs can take advantage of this business opportunity by simply developing an app for finding professionals in every industry in Africa!

It is no secret that there is really no structure when it comes to the way goods and services are traded in this continent. For example, anyone who has taught him or herself the basics of shooting a video in Africa will be confident enough to refer to him or herself as a “video director”! Whereas in most developed nations, you will need to provide a certification to prove that you are indeed a professional in the field of video directing.

Developing an app that will help people find certified professionals in different industries in the African marketplace will be very well received. A lot of people want to do business with Africa, but they do not know where to look for the certified professionals that they can trust to get certain tasks done, or can provide the products that they need. In a continent where a lot of people claim to be experts at what they do, but do not have the professional certification to back their claim, an apps that will separate the men from the boys will definitely be a great investment.

Developing Professionals Directory App for Africa:

  • The app you develop should be able to help users find certified professionals in different industries all over Africa.
  • It is important that you develop a app that can be downloaded using any smart phone and not just an iPhone or Android. This way, you are sure of getting a large number of people to download the app in different parts of Africa.
  • The app you develop should also be able to help users find certified professionals that offer products and services within their stipulated budget. This will be very helpful for those who want quality products and services at affordable rates. There are many certified professionals who provide their goods and/or services at highly competitive rates.
  • Developing certified professionals directory app for Africa that offers users the chance to compare the rates of products and services from different providers will definitely be an added advantage. Users will be able to find which certified expert will be able to provide exactly what they are looking for – at the right price!

In order to get this right, it is important to understand that a lot of hard work will be involved. There is also a rather steep learning curve, Africa is totally different from other continents of the world and the sooner you learn what makes Africa and Africans tick, the better. If you have a any business in Africa, Join Network Africa. If you have a technology business in Africa, list your business on this technology business directory.

Wishing you the very best of luck!