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Top 10 Business Opportunities to Invest in Kenya



Africa is one continent that has not been fully exploited in terms of investments. There still lie a number of business opportunities that one can invest in. Of interest here is Kenya and the business opportunities in this country. It is important to note that Kenya is among the fast growing economies in Africa. This has been made possible by government’s policies that encourage investments. The government is doing all it can within its powers to ensure that investors find a safe place to invest in Kenya. To be mentioned below are the top 10 business opportunities to invest in Kenya.

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya and hence investing in it will only work to assure the investor of maximum profits. There are fertile lands out for lease in Kenya. The good news is that leasing an agricultural land in Kenya is very cheap compared to other countries.

Real Estate
Currently, there is a boom in the real estate industry. This is due to the high demand of residential houses. Real estate is the only investment that requires less involvement.

Tourism is the number one foreign exchange that Kenya has. The industry is yet to be fully exploited. There are only a few 5 star hotels in Kenya and therefore investors should think of investing in hotels. Return is guaranteed.

Outdoor Catering – Gilgil Rift Valley,  Kenya










The country is still yearning for quality and affordable education. The government has offered affordable education but many are worried about the quality. There are a huge percentage of average income earners who are ready to spend their money on quality education.

There are a number of public hospitals in Kenya but still people are worried about the quality of service offered. Investing in medical services will help a good number of citizens and residents of Kenya.

The rail network of Kenya is not efficient as it should be and this leaves room for road transport to dominate the transport industry. Investing in transport requires active participation so as to get all the profits. It is therefore advised that investors should go for this business if they can actively participate in it.

Manufacturing industry in Kenya is still far from realizing its potential. There is a great business opportunity for any investor who wants to invest in the manufacturing industry.

Mining is still untapped and yet there are a number of natural resources in Kenya. This offers a good business opportunity to invest in.

Jua Kali
Jua Kali is the name given to the informal investment in Kenya. The literal meaning of it is “get it done”. Employed artisans can fix whatever is that a client wants. All an investor needs is the capital to buy equipments and at least one artisan to do the job.

Auto Dealership
This is extremely profitable since most Kenyans are in need of cars to move around.

The above stated are the top 10 business opportunities to invest in Kenya.

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