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Has God cursed Nigeria ?



I’ll like to state that I am writing as a Christian, and one who is tolerant of other beliefs. And I do not want this to be seen as a debate whether or not God exists. So, you religious hammer throwers should hold on. But feel free to read if you can shed your holier-than-thou skin momentarily, and see the premise of this write-up.

For so long, I have wondered whether or not God curses nations, long before I started wandering back and forth in my faith. What brought the thought back to my mind more forcibly this time is the recurring crisis this country has seen in recent times and the political rhetorics and lies used to choke back the cries of the people. We have constantly prayed for God’s deliverance upon this nation. Has he answered? Yes! and he will continue to answer. But he has also blessed us with a free will to decide our paths.

A majority of Nigerian Christians consider themselves “born again.” I know how these people think because I have been in that realm. They believe God is involved in all things Nigeria; from today’s suffering to tomorrow’s redemption. They believe that if God really wants a changed Nigeria, he will do it. Everything in Nigeria today is the lord’s doing. Isn’t it pretty easy and convenient not to do anything when you believe that God will sort everything out? Now the other side of the coin question is, “Do Nigerians love God? Nigerians don’t love God for a variety of reasons stemming from high level of corruption in the land, to political killings, Sodom and Gomorrah-like promiscuity, money worshipping; the list is endless. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah better exemplifies the correct state of the nation. In Sodom and Gomorrah’s case, Abraham was able to bargain with God to spare the city and God agreed to spare the city if only 10 righteous souls were found therein. In Nigeria, who is the Abraham that God will speak to? Is it the pastor who is more concerned about his jet that was involved in a $9.3m arms purchase scandal or the one whose church collapsed and killed scores of people due to negligence? God promised to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if the righteous in the city amounted to one per cent. If Nigeria’s hope of being spared as a country lies in God finding just one per cent of righteous men from about 200m Nigerians, we are finished. It is good enough that In God’s eyes, it doesn’t matter how many heathens or corrupt people inhabit Nigeria. As long as the real Christians and Muslims, even if they number as few as one per cent, change their ways and turn to the lord, we shall all be blessed.

Amidst everything, God has indeed blessed Nigeria. He has shielded us from all the natural disasters experienced in other parts of the world. Even after the civil war, we were able to pick ourselves up and avoid disintegration. But today, we have chosen carnage and terrorism over peace. We have chosen corruption and hatred amongst ourselves over the unity God has given us. According to 2 Chronicles 7:14, God won’t bless a nation unless the nation stands under him. We all know that isn’t the case anymore in Nigeria. It went out the window a very long time ago. Nigeria pays lip service to a belief in God. No matter what the pastors profess, it is all crap because we have broken all of God’s laws, and there is a price to be paid for doing so. We have started paying the price and we haven’t seen nothing yet. Christians and Muslims demonise one another. They want you to do things their way or die (not God’s way). Politicians and their minions are scheming and influencing policies that will bring about the end of this country. From what we have seen of some pastors in recent weeks, do you need further proof to believe most of them are more anti-Christ than Christ-like? This isn’t a Christian nation any longer, or any other type of nation for that matter, God isn’t going to save us. And he’s not going to save all the false prophets and religious phonies out there. Religion has turned into a parlor trick, a side show, and has endorsed all the sins practised today. Go to mosque on Friday or church on Sunday, be forgiven, so you can sin all week. A bunch of hypocrites.

One known truism is “God hates competition,” and we have put ourselves at odds with his command to put him first. Money and materialism have never been more celebrated in Nigeria. We defraud and kill ourselves to be named on Forbe’s list of world’s richest individuals. We invite conjurers and ritualists from all over the world to spill human blood unto this land, a land we expect God to bless? Now put on your thinking caps and recall your Old Testament knowledge. Recall stories such as when the Jews left Egypt and very shortly thereafter worshipped a Golden Calf. Did that please God’s multi-cultural heart, or did he strike dead 3,000 Jews on the spot? Even Jesus was less tolerant, casting forth curses and promises of hell fire to anyone who didn’t believe his story. So, let no Nigerian claim this is a God fearing nation until we are wrinkled in our faces with shame and repentance. And as it stands right now, if you want God to save you, you may have to take it up with him after you die because I don’t see God anywhere in Nigeria today (apologies to no one). Just one look at the nation in the Bible known as “God’s people” and the requirements thereof, you will see that Nigeria is no more than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Some of you holier-than-thou Christians might say; “Well, so what! Whether or not God blesses Nigeria is irrelevant. God can and will continue to bless me individually, no matter where I live. I won’t argue with you. I only hope for your sake that you realise Nigeria doesn’t revolve around you. We are mentally enslaved to our selfishness and that of our religious leaders who have realised how easy it is to control others with the fear of what comes in the afterlife. It is not too late to retrace our steps and begin to make better choices for our nation and the world in general. Because as it stands now, Nigeria is on its own. You are on your own. God isn’t going to come down and save this nation from self destruction. You can as well start now and ask God to send your soul to heaven.