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Why some leaders end their tenures in disgrace – Prince Eniola Ojajuni



Dear Sir ………… Leadership is a task that should come from freewill and merit, that is people should elect to be leaders from the purest of motives. It is not supposed to spring from imposition as happened during the military era.

That being so, democratically elected leaders should do what the people want or what they pledged to offer them during their tenure. Stolen victories or nonperformance in a democracy always comes with its own penalties. Any victory that is stolen, through ballot box manipulation or voter intimidation, exists only for a temporary period, before the beneficiary is booted out by the people, either through the ballot box or mass uprising. In the end, the leader will feel better not to have ruled at all than to have ruled them through the theft of peoples’ mandate.

In Nigeria today, only few past leaders can command respect from their immediate society and even abroad; while some are at the mercy of future generations, which may either forgive them or forget them. We are living witnesses to some so-called democratic leaders who, after leaving power, could not stand to face the general public; some have left the country after tenure end, while some who stay behind live in shame because of their bad leadership and misgovernance. Some were even unable to hand over power successfully without being heckled or pelted. What then are the causes of this dishonour?.

Ordinarily, the public should rejoice with those leaving power, but the reverse is the case simply because some were infamous for stealing the peoples mandate or misusing public wealth. Some were denounced because they created some obnoxious policies that affected the people or diverted the taxes and resources meant for the masses for selfish purposes. These and many more are the reasons why the ordinary common man lacks respect for some past leaders. I want to stress that leaders should always allow the wish of the people to prevail over their own selfish interest. The election of 2015 was an eye opener for the common man; it demonstrated that they have veritable power and that elected leaders are at their mercy, if they failed to perform creditably Therefore, leaders should do the right thing to impress the common man.

His Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, has started well by fulfilling some of the desperate needs of the people. He has tarred some of the worst roads in the central part of Minna, roads that have been the subject of general complaint and discontent. This means that he knows the felt need of the people: that is democracy in action, doing what satisfies the needs of the people. He is worried about the salary gap among the state workers; that means he is humane. He respects the traditional institutions; that means that he is conscious of history and culture. Generally, the governor is doing well. We hope he will continue to walk the right and narrow path. We hope when he choses his commissioners, he will pick the right people, who will help him deliver his reform. If he continues along this path, he will be remembered memorably by the present and future generations.

Finally, I want to urge the present APC leadership to always consult all the party stakeholders and to endeavour always to explain why certain decisions are going to be taken. If they did that, there will be no grievances and acrimony that will tear the party apart and affect the smooth running of the present administration. The party should always respect the collective decisions of members as a way of preserving its unity and strength.

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