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GTBank Customers to Receive Western Union Money Directly into Their Accounts Via ATM



Guaranty Trust Bank Plc popularly known as GTBank has taken banking in Nigeria to a higher level with its latest innovation which makes it possible for money sent via Western Union to be credited directly into the receiver’s account via any GTBank ATM machine across the country. The new service can also be accessed online through the bank’s internet banking platform.

The introduction of this service is ripe as it coincides with the time when the apex bank (CBN) is emphasizing on cashless policy and the time when there is ever increasing need for quick money transfer across borders which has given rise to increase in digital solution to enhance transfers, payments and remittances.

GTBank has continued to set the benchmark in the Nigeria banking industry through its numerous innovative solutions. The bank has continued to build on technology breakthroughs in the banking sectors in order to provide its customers easy access to fund.

Accessing the newly introduced service is quite easy. The service can only be accessed at any of the GTBank ATM across the country. You don’t need to have any card before you will be able to access the service. Just click on any key. Choose Western Union from the various options that appear. Accept the terms and conditions. Choose the type of account that you want and then select the country where the money is sent from. If you did not see any country, you will be required to put the code of the sending country or the ISO code of the country. Enter the expected amount in our local currency. You can now key in your account number and then put the 10-digit MTCN which is an acronym for Money Transfer Control Number. Click on ok to confirm the transaction. Your amount will be credited with the required amount.