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The Workshop for the e-Government Master Plan 2020 Inaugurated by the Minister of Communications Technology



The Minister of Communications Technology, Adebayo Shittu has declared the stakeholders engagement workshop on the e-Government Master Plan 2020 open.

In his speech during the ceremony, the Ministers highlighted on the importance of electronic government. According to him, with e-government, the anti-graft war of President Muhammadu Buhari will be strengthened and the waste in government would be reduced. Mr. Shittu also said that there will be improvement in administration as well as economic development if e-Government is fully implemented in the country. Mr. Shittu also mentioned that the development of information and communication sector will also facilitates the creation of more jobs.

Talking about the aim of the workshop, the Minister said that the essence of the workshop was to strengthen the e-Government Master Plan 2020 by creating more awareness and making final arrangement that will lead to the best plan possible for incorporating ICT into governance. He said that it was important for the government not to leave e-government behind owing to the pace at which technology is evolving.

The minister mentioned that the public officers in Nigeria should be able to do their works in the office by 2020 and subsequent years. The government before 2020 should also be able to obtain suggestions from the people for policy evolution and development just at the click of the mouse, the minister said.

Other things which he mentions that the government should be able to do at the click of the computer buttons by the year 2020 and beyond are monitoring in real time the quantity of crude oil and gas that is being exported overseas, electronic payment of pensions which would eliminate queuing and others.